bar, in the truest sense of the word.

In the menu you will find
14 cocktails, each with its own history.

This place is suitable for both gourmets and visitors looking for a delicious cocktail.

cocktails- 189 UAH

floral, creamy,
with a touch of lemongrass

feng shui sour130 ml

lavender, lime,
with a touch of jealousy

Purple potion125 ml

coconut, spicy,
with a touch of agave

Tiki iover155 ml

sweet, strong,
cherry, plum

Hanami140 ml

floral, creamy,

Cosmo Milk Punch135 ml

floral, creamy,

Latinos135 ml

strong, sweet, piquant

Savory mangalor100 ml

sweet and sour, raspberry

Crimson dream135 ml

strong, herbal

White negroni105 ml

sparkling, light, fresh

Violet Hugo160 ml

light, fresh, spicy

Applejini135 ml

citrus, nutty, fresh

Monochrome125 ml

Madison.Beauty Coffee Bar is not just a beauty salon!

Here you will find the best coffee in town, as well as a bar where you can sit late into the evening enjoying cocktails.