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Once at Madison.Beauty, you immediately know that you are in the safe hands of professionals.

It doesn't matter what service you ordered: haircut, manicure, styling or make-up.

Everything is on top here. The people who work for us do not just follow all the trends in the beauty industry - they set these trends themselves.

Once you get to us, you will never want to return to regular beauty salons.

Madison.Beauty is forever!

Look for a relaxed atmosphere, delicious cocktails and pleasant conversation at Madison.Bar.

Unique recipes, alcohol for every taste and bartenders who know what you want.

Madison.Bar will easily become your favorite place.

What is good coffee? Delicious, invigorating, and time flies by with a cup. You can find these three criteria at Madison.Coffee. Leave the beans, grind, microlots and Specialty for the barista. Say the name of the drink, and after a couple of minutes enjoy its aroma and taste.